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The Dingdong

Draper, First Hand, Stitcher

Kim Griffin The Dingdong

I draped, cut and built the cream lingerie. The fabric was a lycra satin and a stretch lace that enabled the actress to be able to move and accomplish everything she needed to. It was all one piece with a zipper in the back making a fast quick change possible.

I draped the purple floral dress and Courtney Rigdon stitched the dress. It was a gathered bodice and a gored skirt with a false opening down the front. It was based off a vintage dress that was researched, but modified to meet the purposes in the play.

I draped the blue floral dress and Camille Lerner stiched the dress. The dress had to be taken off on stage to reveal lingerie, so magnets were sewn into the dress for an easy release for the actress.

Produced By; Florida Repertory Theatre 2016

Directed By: Robert Cacioppo

Stage Manager: Amy Massari

Scenic Designer: Charles Murdock Lucas

Costume Designer: Alexandria Vazquez

LIghting Designer: Jim Hunter

Sound Design: John Kiselica

Photos Courtesy of Florida Repertory Theatre

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