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Legally Blonde

Music By Nell Benjamin and Laurence O'Keefe

Lyrics By Nell Benjamin and Laurence O'Keefe

Book By Heather Hach

Produced By: Baylor University Theatre 2013

Directed by: Stan Denman

Musical Direction by: Melissa Johnson & Guilherme Almeida

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Radabaugh

Assistant Stage Managers: Kaitlyn Kennedy & Colin Huse

Scenic Designer: Michael Sullivan

Assistant Scenic Designer: Jaeci Jones

Costume Designer: Rachel Barnett

Assistant Costume Designers: Kim Griffin, Tyranny Dugue

& Ryan Schaap

Lighting Designer: Jojo Percy

Assistant Lighting Designer: Emily Thulson

Make-up/Hair Designer: Shelby Lunderman


Photos Courtesy of Baylor University Theatre



Kim Griffin Legally Blonde
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