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Jordan Roth at The Met Gala


Jordan Roth The Met Gala 2021 2 2.jpg

Designed and Created by Michael Sylvan Robinson.

I, along with Clare Lippencott and Kenzy Zachary, stitched, embroidered, embellished and beaded the coat and pants worn by Jordan Roth at the 2021 Met Gala.

Each patch was was individually chosen by Robinson and we were instructed on how to embellish and decorate by hand before we then applied each patch to the coat. The coat was then embellished even more with the patches attached. 

Produced By: Vogue Magazine

Designed and Created by Michael Sylvan Robinson

Tailored by: Bill Bull

Stitching by: Kim Griffin, Clare Lippencott, Kenzy Zachary

Stylist: Michael Philouze

Hair: Rutger Hair

Make Up: Maud Laceppe

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